Care Instructions and Clarification

Please follow these care instructions, then you will enjoy our things for a long time...

- Most of the items are edged with a single seam for visual reasons. If washed professionally (on the left, if necessary in a laundry net at 30 degrees in the delicates program with liquid mild detergent, no hand washing!), fraying is kept to a very manageable extent. We do not accept returns if fabrics fray as we cannot verify proper laundering. According to our now ten years of experience, the fabrics and shirts keep their color and shape if they are properly washed and cared for.

Clarification regarding deviations and decoration

- Color and shape deviations in fabrics and shirts (sizes 68-98 in white OR cream white, sizes 104-164 in pure white) are no reason for complaint.
We have shirts from different manufacturers, some of which differ in color and details (mousetooth border, shape of the sleeves and cuffs) from the illustration.
This does not constitute a reason for complaint.
Not all fabrics are always available, we switch (without consultation) to similar fabrics.

- Some item photos have bobbles/felt balls for decorative purposes. On the one hand, these are not sewn on, on the other hand, they are not included in the scope of delivery! The dots made of vinyl film can also only be fixed to a limited extent and, if in doubt, have to be ironed down again with a cloth after washing.