Delivery times and shipping costs

Please note the following points regarding delivery times and shipping:

- the production time is about three weeks (if we plan holidays, we will inform about it)

- if you have urgent questions, please contact us (, we will try to answer your request as soon as possible. Please do not ask about the processing status, this takes up a lot of time that we urgently need for sewing. You can find the shipping period for your respective order when you make your purchase. Please understand.

- Please inquire about appointments! If it has to be done very quickly, we will send with an express surcharge of €10.

- if possible, for the sake of the environment, we also use cardboard boxes that have already been used

- we usually send insured packages with DHL. The shipping costs are €4.99 for goods with a value of up to €50 for German domestic shipping.
From an order value of 50 € we assume the shipping costs.

- when packages come back to us, DHL charges us €8 each time in expenses. In most cases, the reasons for this are not within our sphere of influence (name has changed after marriage, mailbox was not labeled, package was not picked up at Packstation, no notification in the mailbox and then not picked up at the post office). Please make sure that the information is correct and understand if we may be able to charge these costs and the new shipping again.